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Barack and Joe as other Iconic Duos

It’s no secret that Barack Obama and Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden have a bit of a romance going on. Throughout his presidency both Biden and Obama have been open about their mutual respect and close relationship with one another. And ever since Trump’s election a mere week ago, our news feeds have been flooded with hilarious memes showcasing this ‘bromance’, in fact they’ve garnered so much popularity that the bromance has been renamed ‘BROTUS’ and we can’t get enough of it! Since Joe and Barack make the best duo we decided to reimagine them as other iconic pop culture duos - we couldn’t resist!

Mario and Luigi

Dream Team

Perhaps one of the most iconic duos of all time, Mario and Luigi are the iconic characters of Super Mario bros which is now the best-selling video game franchise ever. Every year countless people dress up as this colourful duo for Halloween and dress up parties alike. In 2013 Super Mario released a game entitled ‘Mario & Luigi: Dream Team’ so it only seemed fitting that we replace them with our fave dream team Joe and Barack. Shop men's Replay jeans and men's Reebok trainers to channel the brothers' look. 

Woody and Buzz Lightyear 

You've Got A Friend In Me

Sheriff Woody and space ranger Buzz Lightyear start off on a bad foot when Woody loses his crown as Andy’s favourite toy to make room for the newer, shinier Buzz. However, throughout the Toy Story movies Buzz and Woody form a bond and eventually a strong alliance. The song ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’ is now synonymous with Toy Story and would make a pretty good soundtrack to all those Barack and Joe memes if you ask us!

Men in Black

Men In White 

Elite secret agents K and J, played by Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith respectively, are members of the MiB, an extra terrestrial surveillance corporation. Responsible for managing alien ‘immigration’ and saving the world from intergalactic terrorism, the pair are dubbed the ‘Men in Black’ because of their non descript monochrome uniforms - not unlike Obama and Biden’s usual simple suited looks!

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman

White House B*tch

Ex-chemistry school teacher turned crystal methamphetamine manufacturer Walter White (or Heisenberg as he’s more commonly known) and dealer Jesse Pinkman strike up an unusual friendship and alliance when they start their drugs business Cap’n Cook. It’s no secret that the pair’s business takes off in a big way and they develop a strong, loyal bond. Bet you never thought you’d see Barack in a hazmat suit! A badass bromance if ever there was one! Channel Jesse's boyish 'style' in men's Criminal Damage t-shirts, men's boots and classic American men's denim jackets. Or, if you're more of a Heisenberg go for men's loafers on Stylight. 

Batman and Robin


Ah the classic ‘Dynamic Duo’ Batman and Robin are a quintessential pair fighting crime and defeating evil together. So many similarities to Obama and Biden already we hear you cry! Yep and that’s not all… much like Biden, Robin is Batman’s light hearted sidekick and is often referred to as his ‘comic relief’.

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