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13 Other Things You Could Lose For The Same Price As AirPods

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Last night, after much anticipation, Apple held its latest keynote to a packed crowd of industry insiders and tech fanatics in San Francisco. They unveiled new products including the second generation of Apple Watches as well as the new iOS 10. However the biggest buzz was no doubt around the long awaited iPhone 7 which will now be fully water resistant, feature two rear-facing cameras, a touch feedback home button and controversially, no headphone jack. The removal of the iPhone’s headphone jack is no doubt one of the biggest changes made to the device in it’s history. The decision, which was made to increase the amount of space for new technology inside the phone, was of course met by a wave of controversy and debate. To accommodate this new move, Apple will now produce it’s headphones with a Lightning port adaptor and has also revealed a set of wireless headphones dubbed AirPods which will retail for a hefty £159! Instantly, after the first images of the futuristic designs were dropped, the Internet was awash with critical memes joking that we’d all *instantly* lose them. After all, with the rate that we lose Apple’s standard headphones with cord, these look like pretty much the easiest way to lose £159. As actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson remarked on Twitter ‘I don’t even own the new iPhone yet but I can guarantee you I have already lost one of my AirPod earbuds’. After a little bit of calculating we figured that you could actually lose up to 5 sets of Apple’s standard headphones for the same price as the AirPods which led us to think… how much other stuff could you lose for the same cost? Enjoy our findings below!

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We looked at the most commonly lost items...

from around the world which generally seems to include the likes of socks, Oyster cards, hair clips, pens and umbrellas. And speaking of fashion you theres a lot more you could get for the same price! How about 3 pairs of tres hip black Le Coq Sportif trainers, a men's Hugo Boss bag and absolutely tonnes of Lipsy shift dresses! Now we don’t know about you, but we think we’ll stick to losing all that cheaper stuff rather than shelling out on those AirPods… and you know what the worst part would be? You’d only ever lose one… ah the frustration!!