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Hillary Clinton: The Power of Fashion

There’s no escaping the enormity of this year's American presidential election

For over a year the two campaigners Hillary Clinton, and of course, Donald Trump have been inescapable, appearing in numerous heated debates on TV which have taken over our social accounts and dinner party conversations. If she wins, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton would make history as the first ever female president of the United States and it’s been no mean feat standing up to Trump. Hillary has undoubtedly communicated her power through her outfits so we decided to look back at her most memorable looks from her campaign trail. After all, she does describe herself as a ‘pantsuit aficionado’ in her Twitter bio!

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  • Hillary Clinton colour secrets by Stylight

Colour Psychology: The Secret behind the Colours

Alike chancellor Angela Merkel, Clinton is an avowing blazer-fan. And alike Merkel, Clinton is not afraid of colours. Her favourite colour during campaigning? Blue! Yes, of course, it is the colour of the democrats. So no surprise until now. But is there more to it? "Blue means willingness to commit (I improve the countries situation), the ability for inner stimulus processing (reflective and differentiated) and regulation (I keep things firmly in hand)", says colour-psychologist Silvia Regnitter-Prehn. Therefor a good choice for pre-election parties.

Clinton certainly isn’t afraid of colour and it’s no surprise that her most worn colour whilst campaigns has been blue, the recognised colour of the Democrats. But is there more to that than meets the eye?  "Blue signifies a willingness to commit as well as reliability", says colour-psychologist Silvia Regnitter-Prehn. Therefore is reinforces her status as a solid candidate.

Red, the colour of the Republicans, only makes up 13% of Clinton's wardrobe, but she has been known to wear the bold colour for particularly important occasions such as her nomination in July and during her first presidential debate with Republican opponent Donald Trump. Regnitter-Prehn states, “With red, Hillary Clinton radiates motivation, power and endurance and exudes an aura of success." Team your red suits with red heels on Stylight.

After wearing a red Ralph Lauren Blazer at the first presidential debate, Clinton stuck with the classic US designer and opted for a navy blazer with white collar and subsequently, at the third debate, with a complete white look. A subconscious homage to the American flag? "It certainly reveals an absolute dedication for the country. White for purity and innocence, red for courage and resilience and blue for vigilance, persistence and a clear attitude", says Regnitter-Prehn.

Her Feminine Side

As First Lady, Hillary was known for hairbands, women's suits, and glittery ball gowns. Those times are long gone as following facts show: since her nomination and during the election phase the presidential candidate only wore trousers, with one exception. During a charity dinner in october she wore a floor-length pink gown. Despite this trouser-dominated wardrobe Clinton stays feminine, subtle with blazer-cuts and coats in a-line. That conveys elegance but sincerity and strength at the same time. Clintons secret weapon for the perfect blazer-cut: a high collar. That gives it extra respectability and power.

  • hillary clinton feminine side by stylight

As First Lady, Hillary was known for her preppy, feminine style: headbands, skirt suits and glittery ball gowns. However, since her nomination her style has undoubtedly drastically changed. Throughout the election phase pant suits have become her thing, with one exception: when she wore a floor-length pink gown for a charity dinner in October. Despite often sporting pant suits, she generally keeps them feminine, with chic silhouettes, perfectly cut blazers and a-line coats that convey both elegance and strength at once. Hillary often teams this strong style with some killer accessories, pick up your own such as Dolce & Gabbana bags and Michael Kors watches from Stylight. 

Obviously, these meaningful fashion choices are not all down to Hillary herself, with the support of her long time Business Fashion Designer Nina McLemore she’s been able to hone her campaign style in, well, style. Even the Queen of fashion US Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour is said to be endorsing Hillary with her campaigning wardrobe and Vogue even openly wrote in support of her. But even with a fashion-entourage like this, mistakes can still happen, most notably during an appearance in April when Clinton gave a speech on income disparity in the US wearing a 12.495 Dollar Armani coat. For obvious reasons this didn’t go down well with American citizens. Interestingly, unlike Hillary, Trump often wears Italian made Brioni suits that cost up to $7,000 a pop, funny that he wears European designers when so fiercely anti-immigration. Hillary, on the other hand, generally always wears American designers.

What’s been your favourite of Hillary’s outfits so far?