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6 Stylish Starter Packs

Gird your loins, it’s that time of year again: Fashion Month! With New York Fashion Week fast approaching and a month of jealousy inducing Instagrams, street style stalking and show reviews to look forward to, we decided to have a little fun with our favourite part of fashion week: the stereotypes! Because after all, what goes on outside the tents is way more fascinating than the runways themselves. So let’s celebrate the start of Fashion Week with 6 stylish starter packs depicting our favourite fashionable stereotypes.


The Street Style Show Off

Ah the Street Style Show Off, probably one of the most widely recognised Fashion Week attendees and she’s certainly hard to miss! This peacock isn’t afraid to deck herself out in the most outlandish garms in the hope of being papped by the likes of The Sartorialist or Mr Street Peeper. The more colour, textures and oddball accessories the better, these ladies pile on the trends and loiter outside the shows waiting for the paps. They love to wear ostentatious labels such as Balmain, it-items such as *those* Gucci shoes and of course a selection of novelty accessories to top off the look. Lights, camera, pose!

Unlike the Street Style mavens, you can be sure that The Veteran has a J.W. Anderson Pierce bag full of FROW invites but rest assured you’ll never see her Instagram them - she’s far too chic for that, in fact, social media is so above her. Uncomfortable in front of the lens, you’ll usually see her dashing between her car into the shows, avoiding paparazzi at all costs. Head to toe in fine tailoring, these ladies are impeccably polished, effortlessly cool and cold as ice.

Call it the North West/Harper Beckham effect but it feels like kids on the FROW are the new it-bags. Sporting a custom designer look to match their fashionable parents, these tiny tots have the hottest tickets in town but really don’t want to be there… who could forget North crying on the front row at Alexander Wang?! Don’t worry though, it won’t be long before they’re the face of Chanel or Burberry!

The Off-Duty Model

This gazelle simply oozes cool. Usually spotted smoking at the back entrance to shows these girls are always rocking their trademark uniform of gifted designer handbag, perfectly distressed and eye-wateringly expensive leather jacket plus a pair of large headphones draped around their necks all accompanied with the previous shows’ hair and makeup look.

The PR Powerhouse

The PR Powerhouse is a veritable force to be reckoned with. She hasn’t slept in weeks, surviving on a diet of coffee and paracetamol yet she still manages to deftly send 100 emails per minute and manages ‘the list’ with military precision all in a pair of stunningly inappropriate heels. After fashion month she’s heading to Tulum for a week of pina coladas and sunshine drenched selfies.

The Shutterbug

The only guy in our pack, the shutterbug is a staple of fashion month. These guys are immune to the elements, braving it out in the rain and even snow for the perfect shot. They favour practical clothes such as lumberjack shirts, jeans with reinforced knees, hands free Fjallraven backpacks and of course they’re never seen without their long lensed DSLR’s.

Which starter pack is your favourite?