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21 Things You Could Buy For The Same Price As A Gold Apple Watch

Would you rather an Apple Watch or…


The highly anticipated Apple Watch has been described as “the most advanced timepiece ever created.” Its groundbreaking design and personal features will redefine the way we receive information, however, with prices for the gold version reaching a whopping $17,000 it’s certainly divided opinion. Crafted from 18-karat gold and with a polished, sapphire crystal display it’s the most expensive product ever made by Apple and is aimed at fashionistas with a seriously disposable income. With this eye-wateringly expensive price tag comes an exclusive shopping experience: the watches will only be sold at select stores and will be limited edition adding to the sense of exclusivity and luxury.

So, to bring you back down to earth and to put things into perspective a little bit we’ve compiled our ultimate list of all of the other, awesome things that you could buy for the same price as a gold Apple Watch.

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If gold, tech savvy watches aren’t your thing…

…there’s evidently a whole lot more you could get for a cool £13,500.
Love travelling in style? You could pick up a pretty decent car and even a small yacht! Fashion more up your alley? The watch costs the same amount as 36, yes 36, pairs of Louboutins, 2 Chanel bags, 1 coveted Birkin, 30 pairs of those Aquazzura lace up flats and even 13 wedding dresses (we hope you don’t tie the knot that many times!) More of a foodie? It equates to a pizza every day for FIVE years and a bottle of champagne every Saturday night for SIX years.

And if you’re feeling a bit more practical it’s the same prices as 1 years’ rent on a London studio apartment, 6 years Equinox gym membership, 10 years of Oyster Card Travel and almost 6 round the world trips! Or you know, you could buy 19 puppies and literally be happy forever!

And just think about all of the other things you could buy on Stylight for the same price! How about some dreamy Stella McCartney coatsPrada sunglasses or Diesel leather jackets?!