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Kids Get Creative This Father's Day

Video: We asked kids to draw their dads…

what happens next is adorable!

To mark Father's Day on June 19th, Stylight have created this video revealing the deep connection between children and their dads... pass the tissues!


Mother's Day always seems to somehow trump Father's Day. There's flowers and chocolates galore for the mums out there but dads are often less appreciated and given nothing more than a card! So to celebrate this big day for all the doting dads out there we decided to ask a group of 4-8 year olds to draw their Father's in an awesome outfit and explain why they chose that look. But little do they know their fathers have planned a fun surprise for them! In a series of genuine, funny, and moving sequences, children reveal how they really feel about their dads.

Discover the children’s drawings and their redesigned, enhanced versions

What happens when you let an energetic group of 4 - 8 year olds loose with colouring pencils and the only guidline being 'draw your dad?" Find out what Father's really mean to their children and watch as the kids get a cute surprise!

<h3>Antoine, 5</h3>
<h3>Poppy, 4</h3>
<h3>Mason, 6</h3>
<h3>McKenna, 8</h3>
<h3>Julian, 7</h3>
<h3>Colette, 4</h3>
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My dad, the hero

For Poppy (4) and Mason (8), Brent is one hell of a dad! And the siblings have a shared passion with their father: Star Wars! Sweet Poppy drew her dad as Chewbacca 'because he has a hairy beard', Mason drew his dad as equally badass character from the saga: Luke Skywalker 'My dad is a jedi and his sword is blue', he tells us as he shows his masterpiece to the camera. A simple, yet effective drawing. In their family, the father and children are bound by their endless love of entertainment. 

Another little girl had a lot to say about her dad being a hero: McKenna, (8) explained why she drew her dad as Superman: 'he flies over my house and makes sure I am ok'. *Heart Melts* 

Funny, magical dads

A clown, a wizard, a pirate... these dads are their son and daughter's best friends and provide a constant source of entertainment. For Julian, (7) his Dad is a bit of a clown, with lot of vibrant colours everywhere.  For 4 year old Colette, who seems to prefer stickers to drawing, her dad is like a funny magician she loves to play with, and when we see Johann’s joyful personality, we're not surprised! The hipster looking father is pictured with his beard and man bun, and a robe full of stars. For 5 year old Antoine, he sees his Dad as the captain of a pirate boat. He even drew himself next to his daddy, as he is leading him to a treasure hunt. A trip full of adventures in which he pictures his dad as a dangerous mercenary with navigation skills and a taste for the sea!

Happy Father's Day!