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Imagine what Disney Princesses would do on Valentine's Day...

Did they all live happily ever after?

The Internet is a wonderful thing isn’t it?! And what does it love most?… we’d argue that it’s turning Disney princesses into other things. Disney heroines have been turned into literally everything from old ladies and pin-up girls to men and fine art paintings. So naturally, with Valentine’s Day coming up, we couldn’t resist imagining what they would do for the most romantic night of the year!

Although PDA’s are pretty rare in Disney movies we reckon Belle would like it a little rough and we imagine she’d be up for a bit of role play… after all she initially fell in love with her prince, Adam, when he was a beast! Who will the Beast be tonight?!

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Released in 1959, Sleeping Beauty tells the story of a princess who falls unconscious after touching an enchanted spinning wheel and only true love could break the spell. Aurora famously falls in love instantly with Prince Philip at the ripe old age of 16 so we couldn’t help but imagine her in tough women's boots making the foolish, youthful mistake of getting our first love’s name as a tattoo - afterall, she’s always had an affinity with needles.


Who needs love anyway?! After trading her voice for a pair of legs to be able to be with Prince Eric it was thought that Ariel and her prince would live happily ever after. But we beg to differ… we can imagine Ariel ditching the prince after experiencing how fun life can be out of the water! Finally she can enjoy freedom and single life - she’s the life of the party but looks like she may have overdone it this Valentine’s Day!

Jasmine has always been one of our favourite Disney princesses of all time; she shows that she’s strong, independent and free-willed when she refuses to marry for anything less than love and nobody, not even her father, can tell her otherwise. As she clearly wears the pants - and has cash to splash we imagine she’d spend Valentine’s in Paris on a huge luxury shopping spree.  

Cinderella is understood to be one of the oldest Disney movies and research from linguists suggests that 60% of dialogue in the film is lead by women (somewhat unusual for Disney!) Cinderella clearly understands the power of communication and we imagine she’d have charmed the prince to gift her a new pair of raunchy Louboutin’s for V Day; and the prince, who after all found the love of his life via shoes, would be more than happy to celebrate with a new pair! Well if the shoe fits...

The most recent, and arguably most sultry, Disney film in our list is Maleficent. Played by the super sexy Angelina Jolie, this ‘Mistress of All Evil’ would totally be into a little bondage and light BDSM so we reimagined her in a sexy Jean-Paul Gaultier body a la Madonna and of course, with Snow White’s apple as a gag… well she is the evil fairy afterall!

After being forced to flee to a forest, Snow White famously moves in with a friendly group of dwarfs who help her find her happiness again. Whilst she goes on to find love with her prince we imagine that her heart would still be with the dwarves and not with this prince who she just met! We imagine that her marriage might not have lasted and single Snow White would be back on the prowl, wearing sexy Lepel underwear and using Tinder to find a new love interest… maybe she’d even match with a dwarf?!

At the end of her eponymous movie, Pocahontas famously chooses to stay on land rather than following her love, John Smith. We’d like to think that they’re still together, doing long distance and that this Valentine’s Day they turn to Skype to ‘connect’... let’s hope her wifi connection is high-speed!

How will you spend your Valentine’s Day?!