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Wintour is Coming

April may mean the start of spring but for die hard Game of Thrones fans like us it means quite the opposite… Winter is Coming. To celebrate the highly anticipated return of the fantasy saga on April 24th we decided to do what we do best and reimagine style icons as Game of Thrones characters. After all it could be argued that, much like the houses of Westeros vying for the Iron Throne, these celebrities are fighting for their very own publicity throne! Check out our medieval makeover below… even Bieb’s Calvins received a Middle Age throwback!  

Kim Khaldashian
Queen of Selfies

There’s no doubt that Kim Kardashian is the Queen of Selfies. If you don’t agree just look back to last year when she released Selfish, the New York Time’s bestselling book showcasing, yes you guessed it, her favourite selfies. Also, given that she’s very much the leader of the Kardashian clan we couldn’t help but see similarities between her and GoT’s ‘Queen Mother’ Cersei Lannister. So what better than placing her on a throne of selfie sticks?! And forget her usual uniform of bodycon dress, Yeezy jacket and white strappy heeled sandals, we've decked her out in a Game of Thrones inspired black gown!

Gigi Hodid
Queen of the Runway

In the past 12 months, blonde bombshell Gigi Hadid has made waves in the fashion industry, walking every runway from Versace and Tommy Hilfiger to landing the cover of Vogue Paris. But perhaps her most memorable moment? Walking the prestigious  Victoria’s Secret runway show in New York where she got to don a pair of those highly coveted wings. It just felt right to place her on a throne of feathers and wings!

The Red Hot Sauce Woman

When Bey dropped ‘Formation’ we couldn’t get over a. The video and b. The incredible lyrics… I mean ‘I got hot sauce in my bag, swag’ we feel you! Therefore we placed her on her very own, flaming hot sauce throne! Bonus fact? Did you know she’s actually a huge Game of Thrones fan IRL and Jay-Z apparently gifted her a dragon egg from the show! Channel her style and pick up a pair of her fierce high heel boots on Stylight.

Kanye Westeros
Master of Debt

It’s no secret that Kanye is obsessed with fashion and style, and after three tough Yeezy seasons, the father of two admitted that he’d incurred millions in debt trying to make a name for himself as a fashion designer. And we’re not just talking a few thousand, apparently it’s more in the region of $53 million! Sorry Ye but we couldn’t resist turning you into Kanye Westeros: Master of Debt! We've dressed him in a distinctly Seven Kingdoms inspired fur collared brown jacket and his trademark Yeezys. 

Taylor Swinterfell
Protector of Grammies

Taylor Swift is undeniably the Protector of Grammys, with 10 wins under her belt and another 29 nominations, she was also the youngest person to win the Album of the Year award! And who could forget her very Game of Thrones-esque feud back in 2009 with Kanye Westeros at the VMA’s and again more recently when he rapped that he’d ‘made that bitch famous’.


Justin Bieberatheon
Lord Commander of the Beliebers

If you missed Justin’s Calvin Klein campaign, you must’ve been living under a rock! The 21 year old made a quite the comeback this year with his hits ‘Sorry’ and ‘Where Are You Now?’ But it’s not just his hits that have made a name for him, Biebs is famous for his string of hot model girlfriends and ongoing love saga with Selena Gomez. We couldn’t help sitting him on a throne of Beliebers and calling him Justin Biebrathon after many of his fans associated him with the cruel King Joffrey!

Olivier Riverousteing
Captain of the Blamain Army

French fashion designer Olivier Rousteing (or Riverousteing as we like to call him with a GoT’s twist!) has made a name for himself at Balmain with his heavily embellished designs and more prominently, for dressing a legion of famous faces including Jourdan Dunn, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. He describes his Balmain army as  “strong, they are women who are going to change the world.” With strong connections with Kim, Kanye and Gigi, his influence over the Style empire is undeniable.

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Who will win the Game of Style?